Causes of wart

Wart is caused by Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). It is an infectious skin disease caused by a filtering virus, and usually caused by contact with the source of infection, mainly infecting the epidermis and mucosal tissues of the human body.

What are warts?


The incubation period of warts

The incubation period of warts can be very long (ranging from 1 to 20 months). At the beginning, it may be just a small translucent or flesh-colored asymptomatic bump. As it grows larger gradually, it can spread to any other parts of the body. The colour will become darker or even turn black. Hence, it must be treated. Please don’t expect it to heal by itself. 

In addition, viral warts will spread and will also be transmitted to others, so it is advised to treat it as early as possible for the best effect.

Warts can be contagious! Should I treat it?


How are warts treated?

疣 治療

What is polyp?


Polyp is a hanging skin tissue, which is suspended from the skin surface by a stem. It is commonly seen on the face, neck, chest, back, armpits or groin. There are different shapes of the polyp. In the initial stage, most of the polyps are only 2-5 mm long in diameter. Later, some of the skin may increase to 1-5 cm in diameter.


It is estimated that the cause may be related to long-term friction and excessive weight of the skin.


Polyps do not cause pain or pose a cancer crisis. However, when the polyp is often rubbed by towels, collars or jewelry, pain or discomfort may occur.

Treatment method

Unless the patient feels distressed with the polyps, most patients do not need treatment. If they want treatments for it, they can choose:

Laser surgery therapy
• Usage of carbon dioxide laser to vaporize the skin tissue and burn the surface. The depth of tissue destruction needs to be carefully controlled. 

Surgical resection
• Removal of the fleshy tissue in one go. Please check with your doctor.

For further enquiries, consultation with doctors are needed.


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