Ultherapy Focus Ultrasound HIFU Firming Treatment

Ultherapy (the name of the skin treatment with Ulthera Instruments) is a new non-surgical skin tightening HIFU treatment that uses focused ultrasound technology to bypass the epidermis and heat the energy to 65-70 ° C and condense into a large number of very fine hot spots. Precisely and directly penetrate the different depths of the epidermis, including 3mm and 4.5mm: in the 3mm dermis layer, stimulate the growth of collagen, and gradually tighten the underlying skin; while the depth of 4.5 mm is shallow muscle, which makes the relaxed muscles lift and tightened, comparable to the surgical skinning effect. It really improves the loose skin from the inside out, rejuvenates the young and firm contours, and improves the overall skin quality.

Non-invasive natural treatment with remarkable results

The world’s only US FDA-certified non-surgical focused ultrasound treatment that penetrates into the skin’s collagen layer and stimulates collagen growth; a 45-minute treatment that instantly lifts and tightens the cheek skin and continues to tighten the skin for up to 9 month. During the course of treatment, when the ultrasonic heat from the instrument comes into contact with the skin, the patient may have a little discomfort, such as the feeling of being acupuncture, and the degree of discomfort will vary from person to person. The entire course of treatment is managed by a Hong Kong medical practitioner, which is safe, reliable and effective.

ultherapy hifu


• Lift and tighten cheek skin
• Improve chin lines
• Reduced Marionette line
• tightening the skin and tissues of the forehead
• Lift eyebrows
• Eliminate double chin and improve neckline
• Collagen hyperplasia improves skin quality
• Anti-aging, recreating compact contours


Ultherapy focuses on ultrasound HIFU and deep RF/laser rejuvenation

Ultherapy focuses on ultrasound penetration from the inside out, while deep RF/laser rejuvenation is from the outside to the inside; Ultherapy is a structured skin tissue that is designed for deep collagen layers, with deep firming and lifting, with relatively long lasting effects. Without destroying the surface of the skin.

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