Switzerland Teosyal Hyaluronic acid

What is TEOSYAL Redensity?

Teosyal hyaluronic acid products in Switzerland are developed by the third largest hyaluronic acid-based TEOXANE Laboratories Geneva pharmaceutical factory in the world. They were founded in Zenawa, Switzerland in 2003. At present, they are used by more than 90 countries and 25000000 users. They have been used in more than 10 years of medical bed research to follow up on efficacy and durability. At present, it has been developed to the third generation, and the filling agent has a high degree of filling. It has three major effects of filling, creation and activation at the same time, such as reducing the content of protein and toxin, reducing irritation and sensitivity, red and inflammation, etc., which belong to the products with few side effects in the market. Teosyal transparent acid products have exclusive OMPS chained technology, verified that 24 of the same products have the best chained effect, all include anesthetic ingredients. It is the third largest hyaluronic acid producer in the world.


Secure, effective, multiparty authentication:

  • More than 10 years of clinical follow-up of its medical efficacy and durability
  • number of people receiving treatment until 2013 has more than 3.5 million times
  • one of the hyaluronic acid products on the market that contains anesthetic ingredients
  • not happen any medical equipment warning

Combination of natural ingredients, 3-in-1 formula

Hyaluronic acid + special formula + pain reduction formula

‧ Moisture absorption capacity ‧ 8 kinds of Amino acids
‧Viscoelasticity ‧ 3 kinds of Antioxidant
‧Localization ability

Natural and uniform
Activation and repair of cells Comfortable treatment Antioxidant protection
Supplements the skin moisture

Exclusive OMPS chained technology

Advantages of TEOSYAL Redensity Antioxidant muscle

•Provides a range of 100% hyaluronic acid products that are not from the source, can be naturally decomposed and absorbed.
• Focus in different positions of the face, the independent gloss treatment technology can help the skin to fill the moisture, lighten the skin, improve the skin damage, and expand the surface of the face.
•Focus on the treatment of muscle reflective ability, restore face gloss and reduce the dark circles under the eyes, and improve the problem of eye profile.
•Hyaluronic acid can absorb more than 1000 times its own weight, and its stickiness also enables the original protein in the customer’s skin to form an unique network structure, so that the skin can restore its elasticity and strength.

The capacity of blocking water can reach a hundred times of its own skin, and every 1 g of TEOSYAL Redensity can absorb the water of 500cc. Compared with 30 times the amount of water, TEOSYAL Redensity can carry 500 times the amount of water and 16 times as much as the original protein.

TEOSYAL Redensity Adventages

  • 92 per cent of patients did not feel pain in the course of using Redensity I
  • Under anesthetic effect, the analgesic effect exceeds 20% when used, and increases the analgesic effect by 26% after 5 to 10 minutes.
  • According to the patient’s opinion, Redensity II can improve the sense of taste, flexibility and muscle regeneration of skin.
  • 100 per cent of patients are satisfied and wish to reuse Redensity I
  • 100% of patients said they were satisfied with the results and would recommend them to other friends
  • Injection location will only show local symptoms, such as red, scar, blood stasis, pain and so on.
  • As with all skin injections, infection is a small risk of existence. At present, only a small number of cases of mild to moderate inflammation have been found and naturally cured within two weeks.

Introduction of TEOSYAL Redensity products

Whitening Light Series-TEOSYAL Redensity I

It mainly acts on the muscle that loses gloss, improves the structure and density of cells, provides excellent antioxidant protection, and reappears light in muscle. TEOSYAL Redensity is as clear water, very easy to absorb, the main role is muscle hydration balance, can increase muscle moisture, reduce muscle dryness, desalination around the eye.

TEOSYAL Redensity I


  • Strong effect comprehensive whitening protection
  • Increase the amount of water and strength of the muscle
  • Reduce the dryness of skin
  • Provide skin antioxidant protection
  • Desalination wrinkles of the eyes, Marionette line , smile folds,hand back , neck wrinkles

People Suitable for injection of TEOSYAL Redensity I:

  • Skin loses its luster and yellowish
  • Dry skin
  • Loss of skin density, loose structure
  • Uneven skin with pits
  • the regeneration ability of the cell structure of skin is slow.

Suggested treatment

  • A total of 3 times are required for a complete journey.
  • It can be added every 3-4 weeks, and after three consecutive courses, the effect can be maintained for half a year.
  • The whitening light series should not only be used around the eyes, but also has a good effect on the back of the hand and the back of the hand.
TEOSYAL Redensity

Before and After (one month)

Bright eyes Series - TEOSYAL Redensity II

Bright eyes series is to skin deep layer (real skin layer), to nourish and improve pores, dry, dark circles, eyes and other eye problems, not only fill up the sunken, but also treat shadow dark circles. As a result, the soft TEOSYAL Redensity II, eye skin is clean and white, covering the microvessels in the dark circles of the eyes, and the effect is as if the skin is covered with macula ointment, and at the same time, it can also increase the moisture of skin and eye circumference, reduce the dryness of the eye muscles, and dilute the periocular muscles!?

TEOSYAL Redensity II

‧It doesn’t produce a stiff expression.
‧Improve the tears throughs, dark circles, eye bags
‧suitable for plump cheek
‧applicable in smile folds, hand wrinkles
‧Filling black circles

People Suitable for injection of TEOSYAL Redensity II

  • Contraction around the eyes and external parties
  • Getting thinner and thinner, losing the skin of softness.
  • Orbital muscle relaxation
  • A skin in which fat is self-segregated, disappeared, sunken, arched, or folded.

Suggested Treatment

Accept once and maintain for at least 6 months or even more than 1 year


Before and After (one month)

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