Product:Saxenda Liraglutide Injection
Place of origin:Denmark

– The only GLP-1 analogue approved by the FDA and EMA (European Drug Administration) for weight management in Hong Kong as an adjunct to low calorie diet and physical activity
– Heavy patient weight loss and effective maintenance
– Significant and sustained weight loss in a one-year study, while improving cardiac metabolic risk factors: 9 out of 10 patients achieved weight loss, and 1 of 3 patients lost weight Up to >10%
– Patients have significant improvements in cardiovascular metabolism and risk factors
– The first weight-loss drug developed using the diabetes drug liraglutide, with a glucose concentration-dependent hypoglycemic effect and beta cell protection, can play the following roles:
– Increase glucose-dependent insulin secretion; inhibit glucagon secretion and increase glucose clearance
– Delay gastric emptying and induce satiety, suppress appetite
– Simply put, it is to reduce the hunger by adjusting the appetite, delay the feeling of fullness, and people become thinner.
– Suppresses appetite, is prone to satiety, and has good weight loss
– The effect of reducing body fat is obvious
– Effectively inhibit the incidence of diabetes, stroke, myocardial congestion, etc.
– For visceral fat (all body)
– Can also target central obesity (waist circumference)

saxenda 減肥筆

Dose adjustment

– Increased from 0.6mg to 3.0mg
– Must start with a low dose
– Utility: 13 hours (recommended in the morning – 3 meals can be controlled) / on time

saxenda 消脂筆

– nitially there will be a feeling of nausea (slight ~ medium)
– Continued nausea response will improve
– Normal 3mg is effective, but if you don’t use 3mg (e.g. 1.2mg – some people are thinner), you already feel thin and your appetite can be controlled. You can maintain a low (e.g. 1.2mg) weight.
– Half-life of the drug: 13 days
– Judge whether to continue using or not in Week 16

Target Audience

– 18-75 year old obese (BMI 30 or above) or
– 18-75 years old BMI 27 + three high people e.g. High blood pressure, blood sugar (this medicine can control diabetes at the same time)
– Asia: BMI 25 is an early obesity

Not suitable for people:

– Preparing for pregnancy
– pregnancy
– Breastfeeding
– Thyroid (no Study)
– MTC thyroid malignancy
– Liver and kidney disease

Transportation and preservation

– Must be stored at 2-8 degrees
– After opening can keep 30 days under room temperature below 30 degrees
– Have a doctor’s prescription to bring the plane

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