Revanesse dermis layer filling agent product series, through the injection method, specialises in human aging phenomenon. The use of biotechnology, tailor made a energetic reproduction treatments for you.

Revanesse is a relatively low viscosity filling material, easy to inject into the skin, the most suitable for filling skin defects. The super smooth hyaluronic acid formula makes it easy to inject into the skin.


Recommended location: small to medium wrinkles, such as wrinkles around the lip, Crow’s feet, tear trough, frown lines.


The Revanesse full-line product series, through the skin layer injection, can achieve the following effects:

  • Removing wrinkles and creases in different parts of the skin
  • fulling skin
  • -face contour lines remodeling
  • increase skin moisture capacity, to keep the skin moist
  • -shaped symmetrical surface shape


The HA of ReDexis has an unique component-glucan beads, which can help stimulate the proliferation of sophora. These fully absorbable glucan beads form a scaffold to help the growth of procyanidins. ReDexis provides natural proliferation even after hyaluronic acid is decomposed. Recommended part of the process: used in the processing of the middle to the deep and more obvious, such as smile folds.


Revanesse Contour

Revanesse Contour is a completely absorbable, ultra-high viscosity hyaluronic acid, specially used to shape the face and shape. Coagulation is ideal for the need for a large injection range. It is recommended that the part of the process: nose, face/chin / forehead shaping, smile folds.

revanesse contour

Revanesse Kiss

Revanesse Kiss is specially designed is used for lip filling effect. The sole quality of the lips requires a special formula filling agent to ensure the ideal injection results. This special design is easy to inject and mold a regular lip shape, reducing swelling.

Recommended part of the process: lip filling effect, upper lip line, thin lip.

revanesse kiss

Revanesse Ultra

Revanesse Ultra is a high viscosity, durable setting.

Recommended parts: means for processing deep wrinkles, smile folds, marionette lines, and face full enhancement effect.

revanesse ultra

Revanesse Pure

Revanesse Pure is the only non-associated HA in the Revanesse skin filling series. Because Pure can be absorbed quickly, it helps to nourish and protect the whole surface of the skin. Is an anti-aging, at the same time to protect skin, restore skin flexibility, Dalai health muscle products.

 Recommended parts: Crow’s feet, plump cheek, lip side wrinkles, neck wrinkles

revanesse pure

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