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Profhilo inverse principle is an unique hyaluronic acid injection agent, using NAHYCO ®patent mixing technology, mixed polymer and low molecular hyaluronic acid, the efficacy of more than ordinary hyaluronic acid.

Profhilo reverse principle is a new breakthrough hyaluronic acid product developed by IBSA. Founded in 1945, IBSA (Institute Biochimique SA), is the largest privately owned transnational pharmaceutical company in Switzerland. IBSA is also one of the major pharmaceutical companies in the field of hyaluronic acid production. In Switzerland, there are 25 factories and testing rooms in Dali and China. The products are owned by 65 independent registrations worldwide and are available in more than 80 countries / regions in 5 countries. Profhilo is sold globally by Alma, and Alma, a global provider of energy solutions for surgery, medical cosmetology and beauty markets, was established in 1999. it is one of the top five industry leaders in the world, and it is also the leading industry leader in China. IBSA and Alma brought the award-winning new Bioremodeling filler to the Asian Pacific market.

Profhilo reverse timing uses NAHYCO ®proprietary mixing technology, a dose of 2 ml mixed 32 mg of high molecular weight hyaluronic acid and 32 mg of low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, a total of 64 mg of hyaluronic acid.

Profhilo 逆時針

Profhilo is a kind of biological remodeling (Bioremodeling) agent. It is not a skin filling agent, nor is it a skin regeneration agent. The Profhilo is an injectable, stable hyaluronic acid product used to transform multi-layer skin organizations. It is an anti-aging product that can treat aging from its root causes, not just aging symptoms:


Stimulate the mother cell to produce more procyanidins and flexible proteins.

Start the formation of keratin cells and promote the synthesis of collagen and elastic proteins.

Maintain and promote the activity of fat cells that affect the quality of fat tissue

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Treatment sites include the face (forehead, around the lips, cheeks down)

  • neck
  • chest
  • arms
  • hand back

Give a 5-point injection on each side of the face, low invasive, and a second injection a month later. During this period, we stimulate the production of four different types of original protein and flexible protein, so as to achieve the effect of skin restoring.

The Profhilo is developed by the Swiss drug factory IBSA and manufactured in Italy and conforms to the European Union CE standard and has been treated successfully for more than 400000 times.

Profhilo is not just another hyaluronic acid (HA) injection product on the market. Based on advanced technology, it interacts with the body’s receptors to stimulate the growth of collagen and a more natural response.
Unlike the general hyaluronic acid skin filling agent, Profhilo is easy to flow in the skin and distributed in the skin tissue, rather than being locally placed by injection. The effect is to make the dermis layer healthier, more flexible, more naturally abundant.

Profhilo slow release of hyaluronic acid to stimulate 4 kinds of proprotein and flexible protein. This process has led to significant improvements in the skin organization. For this reason, the Profhilo is tagged as a skin remolding agent because it also has a good tightening / lifting effect.

Profhilo reverse timing is not a skin filling agent, nor is it a biological regeneration agent-Profhilo has developed a new injectable category-biological remodeling. The double effect of the two hyaluronic acid components of the Profhilo is an ideal choice for reshaping the skin.

As mentioned earlier, the Profhilo does not work as well as skin fillers. Although it has a certain effect, which can be seen in a month, but this can not replace the degree of hyaluronic acid filling agent. It represents a different method, which can be used alone to get a more natural appearance, or it can be used as a filling agent to increase the effect of any hyaluronic acid filling agent.

Compared with other products on the market at present, the Profhilo is unique. It does not contain any BDDE components. Through heat exchange, it produces a stable mixed complex of polymer hyaluronic acid and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid. Although hyaluronic acid content is very high, but because of its ability to promote healing, resulting in a very low inflammatory response. These have been supported by bed research, with its breakthrough technology to demonstrate the new concept of anti-aging medicine. It has different biological behaviors for single polymer hyaluronic acid and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid. One of its main advantages is to get longer effects.

The process was carried out by using professional technology, and the mixed complex between polymer hyaluronic acid and low molecular hyaluronic acid was realized. That is, chemical conjugated compounds are not used, and these complexes are not stable to hyaluronic acid to enzyme decomposition and physical degradation.

Because of its high degree and lack of chemical additives, it provides higher safety and fewer side effects. As the Profhilo’s component flows and distributes itself within the skin, its comfort is greatly increased, and even if local anesthetic agents are not required, the recipient does not feel any pain.

The Profhilo uses the special technique injection 5 point position, enhances the treatment comfort with the minimum position.

Retention effect-when using Profhilo, low molecular weight hyaluronic acid is released slowly from the hyaluronic acid complex, so the first inflammatory cell factor is not induced. This makes it very biocompatible. It also provides an important hydration effect for the skin, especially the epidermis, and improves the comfort of the recipients during and after treatment.

Lifting effect – the polymer hyaluronic acid in the Profhilo provides a stable hyaluronic acid structure in the dermis. This creates a system effect.

These can improve the skin quality and moisture of the dermis and epidermis. The production of self-generated hyaluronic acid and natural flexible protein increased, giving skin fresh, young appearance.

The treatment of Profhilo is twice, each separated by one month. If the skin is aging, another treatment can be performed two months after the second treatment. In order to maintain the best results, the treatment cycle can be carried out twice a year.

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