Milk Peel Milky Glycolate Skin Renewal

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Milk Peel Milky Glycolate Skin Renewal

It is suitable for people who want to improve skin fatigue and dullness, or wrinkles and rough skin caused by sun exposure. The main ingredient is lactobionic acid (a new generation of PHA complex for skin acid reduction), which can lock water and moisturize at high altitude, make cells more rejuvenated, suitable for sensitive skin, suitable for mixed and dull skin, balance oil secretion, improve the problem of full shine, and wake up Skin regenerative function, which makes wrinkles significantly reduced and reduced.

It can remove aging keratin, improve dull skin, update, accelerate metabolism, improve skin tone unevenness, control Oil secretion, increase of collagen and fiber, treatment of enlarged pores, obstruction of melanin

Steps – 15-30 minutes, gentle, between the treatments you can be as usual, with instructions and care.

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