What is lipoma?

Lipoma is a tumour that grows from fat mainly grow in the subcutaneous fat layer. They grow slowly and are not easy to detect. They are often found only when the appearance is obvious.

Should I see a doctor?

脂肪瘤 成因

How to do lipoma surgery? What precautions should I take note of?

How will lipoma surgery be performed? If you decide to perform lipoma surgery based on the doctor’s advice or the patient’s own consideration, you will be need to choose from the two surgical methods.

The two most common surgical methods are as follows:

Surgical methods for lipoma

脂肪瘤 手術

Temporary hematoma and scars are the most prevalent post-surgery problems. However, modern surgical instruments can be used to make surgical scars smaller and less obvious.

脂肪瘤 治療

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