Korea Vital Injector

From Korea, the most effective invention is that the skin can absorb 100% of the skin every time! The skin is sucked up by suction technology, and the special injection position has 5 small needles per gun. The intelligent adjustment is accurate into the needle and enters the skin. The essence product penetrates the skin layer and enters the boundary between the dermis layer and the dermis layer. One hundred average absorption.

Use injections and effects

CALM Medical is carefully selected to use the product of Restylane’s Vital Skinboosters (the product’s HA hyaluronic acid content is 66% more than the Vital Light moisturizing needle) and Dysport is injected at the same time to achieve moisturizing ,lifting contour, V face, Firming, Fining pores, whitening, proliferation of proprotein, improvement of skin quality, reduction of activity / static texture at the same time.

Benefits of Advanced Hyaluronic Acid Syringes

• Vacuum suction technology can accurately inject the treatment position and the depth of the muscle layer, shortening the treatment time
• Control suction and speed to relieve pain
• Simultaneous injection of Dysport and Restylane while enhancing firmness and moisturizing
• Reduce injection waste for better results

Vital Injector Advanced Hyaluronic Acid Syringe

Advanced Vitality Injector (Vital Injector) is a special injection of hyaluronic acid machine with precise 5-needle mechanical design and advanced vacuum suction technology. It can accurately inject hyaluronic acid into the muscle bottom layer within 0.8-1 mm. It can shorten the injection time and make the injection more effective in moisturizing and rejuvenating.

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