Korea [TherMatrix] Collagen BB Gun

thermatrix 膠原槍

Korea [TherMatrix] Collagen BB Gun

Fuxin activates collagen technology, establishes 10,000 times collagen on the bottom layer of the muscle, instantly reaches firm skin, firm lines, restores elasticity, repels texture, safety certification: no pain, no recovery period, no trauma, no surgery, no need for anesthesia.

Effectively activates its own collagen repair system to promote collagen regeneration; instantly tightens, stimulates the plastic to regenerate, tightens the skin, supports the skin that has been sagging, and restores the skin to firmness, fullness, elasticity, and fine pores

The main function of collagen BB gun:
Collagen regeneration, enhance skin elasticity, fullness, firmness, moisture retention Eye lifting
Improve wrinkles and fine pores

thermatrix 膠原bb槍

Introduction to treatment

– Korean Thermatrix collagen gun can heat the dermis to 60-70 ° C, so that collagen shrinks instantly and skin tissue tightens immediately

– Collagen is refolded into collagen lines, creating a whole mesh scaffold for the muscle base, leaving the skin full, firm and elastic

Collagen gun effect

– Nasal narrowing
– The outline of the bridge of the nose is highlighted
– Lightening and fine lines
– Plump cheek
– Facial sunken
– Improve skin dullness
– Improve sagging skin
– Improve skin elasticity

thermatrix 療程 效果

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