Happy Lift™(Revitalizing)

Happy Lift™

Happy Lift™(Revitalizing) is one of the best non-invasive medical treatments in the near future. It is produced by RELIFE and its parent company, Menarini Group, has more than 130 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry and is the largest multinational pharmaceutical company in Italy. Happy LiftTM consists of the unique materials PLA and PCL. It is an absorbable barbed lifting thread. When the ingredients enter the bottom layer of the skin, they will open like an umbrella and lift the sagging skin. Contour elevation The Happy LiftTM has a very small thread hook. When buried in the skin, these tiny hooks stimulate the fibroblasts, which enhances the extracellular matrix to proliferate the collagen, and then tightens and contracts. It has the ability to support facial fiber tissue, thus achieving a longer lasting effect than traditional products.

• Greater flexibility, more natural expression after surgery, not stiff
• Higher strength, not easy to break
• Longer-lasting, especially facial wrinkle • Customer Satisfaction: Instant – Nearly 90% satisfied; After half a year – Nearly 100% satisfied
• The only Hong Kong Department of Health registration

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