Family Doctor


CALM Medical Comprehensive Medical Centre provides continuous, comprehensive and whole-person care for patients. All doctors in our medical department were under professional training in family medicine. Whilst curing patients’ illnesses, we also take into consideration the patients’ physical, social, work, familial and emotional needs. 

Professional Services

Family doctors provide treatment for patients with the following characteristics:

Continual treatment

Family doctors are committed to providing long-term and continuous medical treatments to patients instead of treating patients at the first occurrence. Since family doctors can learn about the long-term health condition of patients, they will be able to provide the best medical treatment for each patient. 

Diagnosis and treatment of general diseases 


Family doctors have in-depth knowledge of common diseases, thus they will be able to provide medical treatments for patients under normal circumstances. For instance, family doctors can provide diagnosis and medical treatments for patients with skin allergies, sensitive nasal or sensitive trachea. Hence, patients do not have to seek for medical treatments from specialists in dermatology, otolaryngology or respiratory system. Family doctors will communicate with specialists and make referrals if necessary in order to provide the best treatment.

“First station” treatment

Family doctors provide “first station” treatment for patients. The role of family doctors is very important as they are responsible for referring patients to receive the best medical treatments from medical specialists. Co-operation with other medical professionals are also needed when necessary.

Whole-person treatment

Diseases do not only bring physical pain to us but it also affects our mood and make us feel anxious. Family doctors must take into account the patients’ physicial, social, work, familial and emotional needs when treating patients.

Disease prevention and health improvement

Apart from providing medical treatment to patients, family doctors are also committed to instilling health knowledge to public, advocating healthy lifestyles and suggesting health prevention measures in order to enhance public health and also to create a community that values healthy living.

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