Ellanse is a new filler from the Netherlands. It is a bio-filler that uses PCL (Poly-Caprolactone) to help remove wrinkles and enhance the effect for two to two years. For the first half of the year, in September 2012 ELLANSE passed the KFDA certification.
PCL substance (poly-caprolactone) (polycaprolactone) is a safe substance certified by the US FDA and European CE. It is a new concept hyaluronic acid that can be completely decomposed by the human body. It can effectively promote collagen proliferation and can be immediately injected into the skin. It has the effect of filling the sag, smoothing the wrinkles and straightening the bridge of the nose; after three weeks of infusion, the effect will be reduced, and the apparent three-dimensional sense will appear in the fifth week or so, and the time of maintenance can be selected as needed for up to four years.

Ellanse features

• CE, KFDA-certified safety products for adults
• There are four time series options: S (maintained for 1 year), M (maintained for 2 years), L (maintained for 3 years), and E (maintained for 4 years)
• Continuously promotes collagen regeneration, straightens the bridge of the nose, smooth lines and improves wrinkles

ellanse 少女針
ellanse 療程

Ordinary hyaluronic acid VS Ellanse

Ordinary hyaluronic acid has a dissolving agent, the efficacy is maintained for 6-9 months; Ellanse does not have dissolving agent, the substance will only be excreted through normal metabolism over time, the effect can be maintained for 12-48 months, but Ellanse long-term risk is unknown.

Ordinary hyaluronic acid VS Ellanse VS Radiesse

The texture effect is harder than hyaluronic acid. It is softer than Radiesse microcrystalline porcelain. Compared with Radiesse microcrystalline porcelain, it only lasts for about 1 year. Ellanse is more flexible.

Will it hurt, swell and bleed when injected?
Ellanse itself does not includes any anesthetic ingredient, it can be combined with an anesthetic when injected. The skin will have some degree of swelling, and there may be internal bleeding inside the skin. The swelling will resolve in 2-3 days, and the bleeding inside the skin will be absorbed and disappeared in about one week to ten days.

The drug is not certified by the US FDA. The longer the injection maintenance time
is, the higher the risk will be. The customer must first consult a professional doctor. All of our infusion treatments are handled by a licensed doctor and will be based on your needs, recommendations and treatments. Welcome to enquire!

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