Edge ONE Smart CO2 Segmented Laser

- LVT private rejuvenation LVT (Laser Vaginal Tightening) Minimally invasive treatment

a unique vaginal probe using CO2 laser allows the collagen to be produced by deep dermis heating, laser application along the vaginal canal until full coverage of the tissue, shortening the internal and external vaginal diameter, thereby tightening the vaginal wall and increasing vaginal muscles The elasticity and treatment of urinary incontinence. Mainly for urinary incontinence patients, maternal, elderly women (including patients with caesarean section experience), young women (including professional women).

Surgical mode

Edge ONE’s Edge Pulse delivers energy deep into the skin and creates a narrow ablation zone to create a thermal diffusion that is limited to the surrounding tissue. A limited degree of thermal energy diffusion greatly reduces the pain that occurs during treatment and when dealing with bumps.

Fractional mode

Surgical treatment of local skin lesions and tissue incisions with Surgical probes CW / single / repeat / super mode, various beam modes, flexible applications Prevents heat from spreading around the normal tissue and managing the space between each micro-laser beam

Main treatment

Tighten skin, remove wrinkles, remove fine lines, fining pores, pigmentation and eliminate scars (acne scars, burn scars, hypertrophic scars, shrink lines)

edge one co2 laser

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