Corporate Medical Services

Good medical security is one of the most important factors that attract talents and retain employees. Not only we provide medical services to company customers, we also devote ourselves to prevention and health education, assisting them to formulate appropriate health plans to protect employees’ health. In addition, we provide comprehensive case management services to assist company clients in identifying injury traps in the work environment and arrange rehabilitation after work-related injuries to ensure that employees can recover as soon as possible and return to work.

Corporate Medical Plan

CALM Medical Comprehensive Medical Center provides extensive corporate medical plans for all industries in Hong Kong. We also provide customers with services such as data verification, medical expenditure accounting and report analysis apart from medical services.

Why CALM Medical?

We provide superior services on an international level

Our medical services have rigorous clinical management to ensure that we continue to improve the quality of services and allow patients to receive high-level medical services.

One-stop medical service

Our services include Western medicine, dentistry and nursing referral services. In addition, we also provide customers with a series of healthcare and disease management plans.

Professional medical team 

Our general practitioners and specialists have been reviewed and recognized by well-known universities and have comprehensive medical insurance protection.

Diversified and flexible corporate medical plans 

We provide comprehensive medical care services and third-party medical plan management to meet the different needs of medical insurance of enterprises. 

Corporate health plan

Healthy employees increase work efficacy, hence bringing a win-win situation to both employees and enterprises. However, it is easy to neglect employees’ health under such competitive business environment. We must bear in mind that this important factor is also the key for employees to select companies and devote their loyalty.

CALM Medical Comprehensive Medical Centre Corporate Health Plan provides employees with health programs and education, which is also a great opportunity for employers to show care to employees. The company invests resources in the physical and mental health of employees as a long-term investment for their health and happiness. Employees working in a harmonious and healthy environment will help boost morale and reduce turnover rate.

Employee Support Service Plan

The Employee Support Service Plan provides confidential and professional psychological support for employees and their immediate family members, providing confidential and professional psychological support programs to help protect their mental health. The scope of services includes psychological counseling, psychological evaluation and referral programs. The Employee Support Service Plan also deals with a wide range of emotional and behavioral problems for troubled employees, from emotional problems to work pressure, emotional distress to mental anxiety.

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