Cleviel high concentration hyaluronic acid

CLEVIEL is a new generation of hyaluronic acid developed by Korea. AMOREPACIFIC, the first skin care and cosmetics group of Korean makeup brand, has established a professional team of 400 experts and researchers to develop the latest hyaluronic acid products for more than 5 years.

Benefits of injecting high concentrations of hyaluronic acid

High concentration

High concentration of hyaluronic acid, the concentration is 50 mg / ml, and the market average hyaluronic acid is only 20 ~ 25mg / ml, the concentration is doubled. The high concentration of hyaluronic acid increases the endurance of the product while slowing down the decomposition of the product in the body, and also has a high viscoelasticity.

High support

The high concentration of hyaluronic acid has high viscoelasticity, which can greatly enhance the support of the product. It can be more natural and more obvious when molding, and can maintain the immediate effect after injection for a long time.

Long-term maintenance

It can last for a longer period of time than normal hyaluronic acid, and it can last for 12-15 months, which may be different due to personal physique.

Low side effects

CLEVIEL uses less than 1% of low chemical bonds to make hyaluronic acid molecules more stable. It does not cause edema due to absorption of water after injection, and at the same time effectively reduces side effects such as redness and edema after treatment.

Safe and reliable

CLEVIEL is caused by the natural substances found in the skin and can be naturally absorbed by the body without causing any harm to the human body.


CLEVIEL Applicable parts

• nose
• Chin
• smile folds
• Temple
• plump cheeks
• cheeks

Korean national certified products

CLEVIEL is Korea’s first and currently the only filler product obtained by the South Korea Republic of Korea Health and Welfare Department of the New Excellent Technology (NET) certificate, the technical effect is absolutely guaranteed.

4L Cross Link Technology

CLEVIEL’s “4L Cross-Link Technology” is CLEVIEL’s patented technology. Ensure product stability and safety.


Low BDDE – Reduces the safety issues associated with BDDE, a commonly used hyaluronic acid chemical linker


Low Temperature – Low temperature treatment, effectively reducing the hyaluronic acid lost during the production process due to heat


Low Swelling – Reduces edema after injection and better results after treatment


Long Duration – High-density hyaluronic acid keeps the effect longer

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