Skin laser spot removal treatment uses different wavelengths of light energy to penetrate deep into the skin in order to accurately strike the abnormal pigments or blood vessels in the affected area without damaging the normal skin surface and other tissues. Hence, the chance of scarring after treatment is also minimized. CALM Medical uses advanced skin laser equipments with multiple band functions to treat various skin problems.


• Blood vessel abnormalities (port-wine stains, telangiectasia on the face or post-surgery, cherry hemangioma, spider vein dilation or hemangioma, etc.)

• Pigment abnormalities (freckles, birthmarks, tattoos, eyebrow tattoos, Ota moles, aging spots and dark spots, etc.)

• Other skin aging phenomena (wrinkles, thick, hard and rough skin, etc.)


• Safe, accurate, fast and satisfactory efficacy
• Suitable for all ages
• Improve the effect after treatment
• The chance of side effects and complications is minimal, there will only be slight scars or slight pain at maximum
• Reduce bleeding and edema during and after surgery
• This is an alternative to traditional surgery. In some cases, skin laser treatment is the only way to achieve satisfactory results (such as port-wine stains and Ota spots)

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