Herpes zoster vaccine

The Most Effective Method of Preventing "shingles"

Immunization with the Herpes zoster vaccine is the most effective preventive method so far. The human immune system will gradually weaken with age, making the latent ” shingles ” virus more likely to reactivate. Since general analgesics do not relieve the pain in the affected area and have many side effects, it is very important to consult the doctor and get vaccination as soon as possible. Zostavax was the first to prevent both severe pain and sequelae neuralgia caused by “shingles” (70%).

How " shingles " Affects Life

• According to clinical studies, 96% of ” shingles ” patients have experienced acute pain, 42% of them described pain as horror or torture, the pain of “shingles” is more painful than delivery!

• In addition, many “shingles” patients will suffer from neuralgia after ” shingles “, which lasts for months or even years.

• The severe pain of “shingles” affects your sleeping quality and appetite, seriously affects your daily life and social activities.

• “Shingles” can cause rashes and blisters that affect appearance.

• The severe pain of “shingles” can cause depression, and patients need to bear great psychological pressure.

• “Shingles” virus can cause blindness or deafness if it enters the eyes or ears.

High-risk groups

Disease : Increase of risk index comparing to the general population

Diabetes : 2.38 times

Hypertension : 1.93 times

Chronic obstructive disease : 1.68 times

Renal failure : 2.21 times

Rheumatoid arthritis : 2.03 times

SystemicLupusErythematosus (SLE) : 4.11 times

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